Trot Lovers

Genre: Romance, comedy, musical

Year: June 23 - August 12, 2014

Synopsis: A genius musician who hates trot music and a pathetic young lady of our time who has no choice but to sing trots for a living has met!

Will the two’s “Making a Trot Queen Project” for their survival be succeeded?

Review: First I have to say that I loved the drama. I will watch ANYTHING that Eun-Ji stars in… Anything. She is amazing.

I found the humor well done, and the story likable. The characters were well done and the development was well in place, so I really got a feel for them.

You know… really hating the lying bitch of a mother type feels. You know those feels.

That being said. The plot became predictable (amnesia, perfect relationship, blah blah blah) and the ending episodes jumped around alot; so much so that I felt there were gaps in the story. Alot of typical K-drama scenarios were used in this drama, which made it predictable and some what drab. The characters brought out the luls which is why I am not giving this a horrible review. I honestly really enjoyed the drama, its just I feel that the drama itself didnt hold much originality except for the story (which could be compared very easily to alot of other dramas).

Score: 8 (that score is all the actors. they made the drama)

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